Friday, February 22, 2013

130 Million Muslims assist Al Qaeda

While it can be good news that most the world's Muslim human population repudiates Osama bin Packed and his organization, And the opposite way round, We Webmasters Can Provide Their Visitors With Fun And Memorable Ecards Via Our Fully Customizable Ecardsystem, With No Annoying Ads. Enhance Your Website And Increase Traffic To Your Website. Perfect For Every Level Of Webmaster. Earn Recurring Income! Ecard System – Earn Lifetime Recurring Income cannot take excessive comfort in this fact because the poll also shows the percentages with the folks in every single six countries that help al Qaeda, And as well as, With real sums, The total is enormus.

While the largest percentages of the Muslims in each countries polled are with al Qaeda, The proportions of Muslims that support it are disturbing: 34 percent included in Jordanians, 49 pct of Nigerian Muslims, 3 p'cent of Lebanese, 20 percentage point of Egyptians, 23 payment of Indonesians, 18 percentage of Pakistanis, Plus several percent of Turks.

When transmuted from percentages to actual amounts of people and added by and large, A large large 129, 942, 000 Muslims which will support al Qaeda. That's rectify, Almost 130 million Muslims help this terrorist firm, And which reaches just from the six countries the Pew pollsters visited.

Though, This is not the end of the story. As the Pew connection admits, That poll is not whole because, For precautions reasons, Pollsters couldn't conduct their research in the Federally employed Tribal Aspects (FATA) Found in Pakistan, Which is where al Qaeda good as the Taliban rule. Undeniably, If the those resident of the FATA were polled, A lot of its supporters in Pakistan might rise significantly.

You should only imagine how high this number would increase if Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia besides Saudi Arabia were polled, And this may still represent just a partial tally of all Muslims, And would not even start to touch on Muslims living away from Muslim countries, Like those invoved with the U. S. Where that 2007 Pew Poll on American Muslims says 75, 000 American Muslims strengthened al Qaeda and 120, 000 American Muslims imagined that bombings against civilians in the defense of Islam can be justified.

The truth is that al Qaeda supporters worldwide number in the vast sums, And this can support, It is capable to share and/or control vast levels of territory with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Currently each of our Sudan, Upper Africa, But also Yemen. As dec holidays 2010 Wikileaks hemorrhage with Department of State cables has revealed, No nation might also stem that tide of financial help to bin Laden, And moreover from wealthy donors inside Gulf region, Al Qaeda attacks are continually intensifying with homeland, And it has launched option and vigorous media campaign to turn American Muslims into lone wolf attackers.

It can be unlikely that the global Jihad with all the direct threat to your U. S. Can easily when soon.

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