Monday, February 25, 2013

Knox Sheriff's Office issues phone scam hint Midcoast Bangor Daily News BDN Maine

ROCKLAND, Maine - The Knox County Sheriff's Office issued a warning Wednesday about telephone scams being going up.

The department issued a news release stating there are lots of methods being used by scammers to try to obtain information. The department highlighted some situations:

• Callers telling people their Social Security numbers have been compromised and that they have to change them. The caller then would ask the victim to verify the ssn and banking account number.

• Calls from a 410 area code where the caller tells the victim that he has won $10 million and to receive the funds must first pay a handling fee of $149.

• Automated calls that the victim receives a request to verify PIN numbers for debit accounts. The caller would tell victims that there have been fraudulent activity on the victims' accounts. In order to fix the, Victims are asked to showcase the account.

• fake calls also are being made from 817-400-0344 when a male with a heavy accent claims to be from the "American lawyers" And tells the victims they owe money on a pre-existing loan. The mystery unknown harasser knows the victims' names, Dates of births and Social security and safety numbers.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office asks residents to be aware of these scams and stresses that residents never should provide anyone not known to them any information. People should check their credit information periodically for any discrepancies, Especially after any dubious calls.

These problems always should be reported to local public safety officers or the Knox County Sheriff's Office, The division stated.

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