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Many years ago, Dawn Marie Wilson found herself in a cement cubby infested with roaches and maggots. It was a cell in a penitentiary in Ensenada, South america, And it had no lavatories, No baby time in the shower, Even if it's just a bed: Wilson slept on a lawn. Her biggest luxury was a bucket for cleanup, And the only method to get basic amenities like plates and forks, Blankets or drinking water was to buy or beg for these people. Was dreadful, She remembered, As she gently sat, Roughly two years later, In the empty rec room of analysis prison in Dublin, So. cal, Was prostitution and drugs in many different places heroin, Gemstone meth, weed. I be sitting at a table with someone aiming at up next to me. I kept thinking in the home. over at any minute. I thought overall, Is likely to last. It will did last. Prisoner of war camp, For something states she didn even realize was a crime: Buying medicine from a pharmacy in Tijuana doc from a Mexican doctor.

Wilson was numerous thousands of bargain-Hunting Americans who pour across the border every day to buy drug drugs from Valium to Viagra, Oxycontin to Ortho Novum at a small fraction of the American price. Consulate to Tijuana. Is the busiest land border crossing in the ominous landscape, And simple to use. You just walk across and there are pharmacies at that time.

Few of these Americans have any idea that what they actually do is often illegal in Mexico; That could explain why in 2004, The amount of Americans arrested for the crime nearly doubled, Up including 25 to 43 (To 2005, Thanks in part to raised publicity about the law, Amount of fell back to 26). Consulate is unclear whether this spike in arrests is really because of a police crackdown, Or simply because of the rising number of Americans crossing the border. But they're worried. Drug clients who are stopped are in for a rough ride: Amount of in time a Mexican jail, Hefty bribes to law enforcement, as, Says one wife, A rape by the representative who took her into custody. A price to pay for doing something without thinking! Is marked Wilson. To this article, Sandwiched between margarita bars catering to underage pupils and the shops selling cheap sombreros, Stand regarding pharmacies with names like Farmacia E-Z and Drug website. For fun on saturday, Americans spanning various cruise the streets to a blaring soundtrack of Mexican techno, Studying hand-Written signs that advertize brand-Name prescribed medication: Ritalin, Zoloft, Xanax, Meridia. With regards to the pharmacy, The drug and you talent for haggling, The cost can be 50 percent to 75 percent less than it would be in the usa.

This zone of Tijuana pharmacologist is where Wilson says she stopped two years ago before driving south down the coast to meet her fianc whose sailboat was in port in Puerto Escondido. States she needed a three-Month method of getting Dilantin and phenobarbital, Which she takes to stop seizures she had since childhood. The pharmacist she visited didn ask to see a conventional, And drugs that would have cost her $210 back in the us cost her $30 instead.

Later on her errand in Tijuana, Wilson says her car stopped working just outside Ensenada. They rifled coming from her bag, Found her pills and detected her. The police confiscated Wilson plastic cards, Passport and $400 in cash money; An additional $4,000 was charged to her private credit information while she was sitting in jail.

The case quickly devolved into a few Wilson word versus the officers Mexican police records state that Wilson had 445 pills, Including bulk of the psychotropic drugs Valium, Xanax and as a result Darvon, Understanding that she readily admitted being a drug addict. Wilson says that absurdity. States she had only her anti-Seizure supplements, Few Valium her doctor had prescribed for anxiety, And a bottle of diabetes medicine she had brought with her from California to offer to a friend in Mexico. Because yankee-Style bail is not going to exist in Mexico, Wilson spent the next year and nine months in the crude Ensenada jail hoping for her case to wind through the court system. She had no translator on her trial, And her first law firm, Whom she had hired using a friend, Failed to even call Wilson doctor in the usa to confirm her prescriptions. She shot him, But by the period it was too late: She was sentenced to five years in philippine prison for a crime that, Across the nation, Would have been punishable by just around six months. When she discovered her sentencing, Was just about afraid to cry, States. Was afraid I would reach that low point and not go back.

Tijuana police say most Americans who are stopped for buying drugs are let go after 72 hours, As long as they have small quantities of drugs and can produce an American prescription for what they bought. Rogelio Guillen, The captain of the tourist unit of the Tijuana police, Says he primarily arrests traffickers buying thousands of dollars worth of drugs like Valium and Ritalin to be able take it back to the States and sell it at a profit. All the folks who come to Tijuana to buy drugs, Only about 20 percent to 30 percent are coming to do legal dealings, Guillen states that. Don have trouble with that kind of person. Consulate tells various story: Although arrests like Wilson are comparatively rare, Americans buying pharmaceuticals for legitimate purposes are frequently stopped by corrupt police who demand a bribe instead. Countless number of are the victims of a scam, Davis talks of. Basically, A pharmacy sells American customers medicine doc, And then calls the authorities, Sharing in the bribes that law enforcement collect.

This in turn, Reports Dana Conour, Really happened to her. Conour, One specific 33-year-Old resident of the suburbs in Iowa, Crossed the border collectively husband and 10-year-Son to refill a doctor prescribed in October 2003. She Easy To Follow, Mechanical Stock Trading Systems Using Basic Indicators That Are Available On Any Charting Platform . . But With Additional Commentary, Indicators, And Signals Showing You The Ins & Outs Of Trading With The Trend And Staying In It! Stock Market Trading Systems was on an extended vacation in mehserle sentencing and running low on Ritalin, Which her doctor had prescribed to overpower narcolepsy. California pharmacy technician wouldn fill her out-Because pointing to-State medical professional, And she heard that prescriptions were easy to get across the border. She had even the Tijuana tourist board to double-scan, And they given her saving money light. Wasn naive I knew you can get anything you wanted, States. I had no desire to take desperate measures illegal. I would get my medicine and get out. Min's after buying 60 Ritalin pills, Family members was stopped by policemen, Who ushered them into a police station just feet throughout the border, line-Dug into them, And then demanded a $600 for having the Ritalin without a Mexican sanctioned even though Conour had her American health professional prescribed with her.

While her husband and son gone to the ATM with a police escort, Conour waited with law enforcement captain, Growing increasingly focused on his aggressive behavior. He solicited her for the night; She repudiated. now, States, He served his gun and raped her on the couch of his office. Was in shock I couldn are convinced this was happening, States. That period, I wasn sure I was ever going to see our neighbors again. She returned to Mexico twice to help you prosecute the police captain, A procedure that required her to confront him face-If you want to actually-Face in a finding out. A year the future, The authorities captain hasn been convicted, And Conour says her entire family is in mental health care. Were an outward bound family, States, That completely converted. Consulate and the city of Tijuana recognize they find it difficult on their hands. Consequently the crackdown on tourists, The Tijuana police arrested 35 pharmacists in 2004 for selling to Americans physician, In order to Guillen. Consulate recently created an internet site and tourist handbook, Obtainable in stores on Avenida Revolucion, Which explain that it illegal to buy medication without a Mexican health professional prescribed. But Conour says that the risks to Americans still aren clear. I had known there was this significant problem, I never would consider going across the border, States.

Even if these efforts make Americans more aware of the hazards they face when they buy drugs in Mexico, May possibly not do much to ease traffic on Avenida Revolucion. Virtually impossible for many people to keep up [With ascending drug prices], Mahan promises. Are paying extremely, Even individuals who insurance. In the meantime, Drugs are substantially cheaper in Mexico, Thanks to a weak peso and a lower total well being. Companies are also produced in Mexico, Reducing submitting costs. The particular cost of drugs has been a hot-Button issue recently two presidential elections, Spurring director Bush to implement the new Medicare Plan D, Prices to be able to rise at three to four times the rate of inflation every year. And border traffic continues out of hand.

For Dawn Marie Wilson, She was utilized in jail in California in October 2004, With regard to a long-Place prisoner-Transfer program between the states and Mexico. After two months in govt prison, She was already released for time served. She had her scars for instance a mangled finger, Which was broken playing softball in prison and never treated by a doctor and deep worry lines round her blue eyes. But she ended up back to the prison in Mexico twice, Bringing sewing devices as gifts for the inmates. And she does what she can to publicize issue is; During her jail time, Wilson and her boyfriend kept a Web page detailing their troubles and since her release she has been on CNN and other TV news channels going over the issue. I can do to spread the word that this can be a hassle would give meaning to the whole ordeal, Tells you Wilson. Not the first person occurred to, And I won be the.

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