Friday, February 22, 2013

'Avatar' director puts oilsands in highlight

'Avatar' director puts oilsands in spot light

Harry Cameron, Famed director of the incredibly popular movie Avatar, Is due Alberta this week to take a tour of the oilsands. Will he enunciate northern Alberta the new Pandora, The Dominate Your Market Fast. The Biggest Marketing Pack On CB. Brilliant Converter Earn .00 Per Sale Converts 1 In 10 Or 9.6%. Every Business Can Use The Magnetic Marketing Toolkit With It’s Simple Templated Systems. Facebook Marketing Cash Code – High Epc – 70% Commissions! ravaged the earth in his movie? Or will he recant what he has recently said about the oilsands: Oftentimes a "African american eye" On Canada's the geographical record.

Whatever his final thoughts, The visit will draw loads of towards the oilsands. In spite of everything, Cameron, Manager of Titanic and The Terminator, Is about as famous as an individual might get. And he is no stranger to world-wide environmental causes. He along with Sigourney Weaver, Who starred in the movie avatar, Are all over the Amazon Watch website because they went to the Amazon to speak on behalf of indigenous people threatened by the building of the Belo Monte Dam complex.

The boreal forests of Alberta may not be as colourful a cause as the Amazon jungle, Not even anyway, But Cameron says he was asked by residents of aboriginal communities downstream from the oilsands.

It's not so difficult to envision the video clips that will end up on YouTube and environmental websites. Just as the Amazon becomes Pandora in the minds of millions who have seen Avatar, So could n. Alberta.

No doubt that's why Premier Ed Stelmach is rushing back to Edmonton tonight from a meeting in Ottawa so he can sit down and make an appointment with Cameron on Wednesday morning. Stelmach was originally scheduled to fly back Wednesday on an industrial flight. But he considers the meeting with Cameron so important that he booked himself on the much better quality Alberta government aircraft.

Every person was impressed by his eagerness to meet the famed film director, Who was born and raised in Ontario before moving to wisconsin. "The premier is being faltered by acting a bit like a star-Struck teenager plan to find a way to get an audience with a Hollywood film director. I think it's a bit beneath the career, Scoffed Wildrose connections leader Danielle Smith.

For the, Stelmach appears to see that there is a lot more at stake than political pride. Senators toured the oilsands thanks to Stelmach. They did not visit downstream communities as Cameron plans to do, And had nothing but good things to say of what they saw and heard. "Dirty oil and destructive oil come from rogue regimes in the Mideast. The oil coming from Alberta in my view is not just acceptably clean, Really safe, Republican Lindsey Graham revealed to CBC News. "Dirty to me would be oil that you buy from parts of the planet where the people that sell it to you hate your guts, Exactly what Stelmach wanted to hear from Alberta's most crucial customer.

And days before Cameron's visit, The Stelmach government made another move may very well impress the Americans. It announced an unbiased investigation of water monitoring near oilsands projects. This follows publication of a recent study by around the globe renowned aquatics ecologist David Schindler, Which found oilsands projects boost the power of toxins including mercury, Arsenic and lead in your Athabasca watershed