Monday, February 25, 2013

Kit Kat ad ordered off TV window projection projector privacy woven fire tests The Argus

An advert suggesting that a Nestle chocolate bar could help to master weight has been ordered off television screens, The social media marketing companies6 watchdog states.

The ad for Kit Kat showed santa claus walking into a house and complaining about becoming fat from eating too many mince pies. He then tested out a Kit Kat and said: "107 usage of fat, Exactly the ticket" As onto-Screen text said: "May aid weight loss within balanced, Calorie control diet,

A viewer complained that the mention of the 107 calories implied that Kit Kat was a healthy snack even though they believed the biscuit was high in fat and sugar.

Another objected that the campaign appeared to target children utilizing Father Christmas, In breach of social media marketing companies6 rules on foods with a high-fat, Sugar and salt material.

Nestle said the affirmation that the two-Finger Kit Kat contained 107 calories was not a claim that it was a low-calorie snack, Or was short of fat or sugar, But function is to help consumers Discover How A Series Of Serendipitous Events Led To The Rediscovery Of The Most Closely-guarded Fitness Secrets And Highly Nutritious Recipes From One Of The Greatest Bodybuilders In The World The Hercules Coobook make a more informed choice