Friday, February 22, 2013

9 core values India's youth is obliged to follow

Views depicted are personal.

Therefore Indian ideas, Bodies and values following which the world could become a better place. Ahimsa, Unity in multiplicity; Yoga stretches, Ayurveda and veggie diet; Vasudaiva kutumbakam, Atithi devo bhav, Parliamentary democracy, Faith based path, Care for community and Jugaad are India's core values that can guide humanity on the path of peace and prosperity in 50% Authentic Man Program: Remove The Nice Guy Curse And Discover How To Unleash The Primal, Sexual Beast In You. Co-create Instant, Carnal Attraction With Women That Leaves Them Feeling Both Appreciated And Aching With Desire, Even From Across The Room. Authentic Sexual Power the new millennium.

Jain monks even cover their mouth and nose to successfully do not inhale any living beings. Mahatma Gandhi upon his life professed and practised non-Violence for India's health struggle.

Speaking recently at 10th India Today Conclave in New Delhi Mohamed ElBaradei admitted that Mahatma Gandhi's civil disobedience movement helped him plan Egypt's political change.

2. Unity in diverseness

India is definitely diverse country in terms of languages, Dialects, Backgrounds, Castes, Beliefs, As well as clothing habits. India has as many as 22 official languages while the not has only 6.

Indian leader such as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel achieved a great feat when over 500 princely states decided to form Union of India and governed by a written composition.

Today's India is what the world would look like in coming decades as far as achieving unity in diversity.

4. Vasudaiva kutumbakam

Vasudaiva Kutumbakam or depends upon is a family, A special Indian concept, Reverberations of which reached America through Emerson and Thoreau and got manifested in Wilsonian way of thinking in American foreign policy. This was what Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore professed in his message of general humanism.

Today over a hundred thousand American missionaries are spread across the globe in the service the human family. As the world grows more interconnected and interdependent, It would only be wise for nations to make a new esprit de planet.

6. Parliamentary democracy

India's tradition of democracy goes back to Licchavi Republic in ancient Eastern India which practised a system of Sabha Samiti go over and debate public issues. After India's self-reliance in 1947 democracy has taken deep roots.

Bicameral Indian Parliament is the anchor of Indian parliamentary democracy. 28 States and 7 Union areas with varying population sizes, Economic strengths and languages are showed in the Indian Parliament.

The largest state Uttar Pradesh has 80 seats in the Lower House while the state Sikkim has just one seat.

Indian Parliament could well become the model for a un Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) In long term as Indian Parliament already represents a great diversity in population size as well as culture.


Jugaad means use of innovative and business streak in solving problems on day-To positively-Day cycle. Indians are good at searching for a way out.

Be it zero or the decimal product, Ayurveda or medical, Astronomy or silicon snacks, Indians was anxiously innovating something or the other. India has an uniqueness culture deep rooted in its tradition