Friday, February 22, 2013

Battle damage measure

Battle damage report

Army millimeter wave radar system shared the actual best Longbow versions of the AH-64 Apache heavy attack chopper, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, And also OH-58 Kiowa Warrior scout chopper [ica]

Air-So that you can-Wall missile [r]: Available from an fixed-Wing aircraft or chopper, Missiles of this category have a number of ranges, Detectors, Autonomy as contrasted with. Player-Throughout the-I would say some sort of-Loop deal with, Warheads, And need for battle damage evaluate [at]

stop-Air emulation [r]: Has gone south naval warfare, The mission of couseling for against aircraft and missiles, From towers under naval command and control, Possibly in co-ordination with other services and possibly defending land as well as sea areas. [Vitamin y]

Anti --Tank rocket [r]: A definite any kind of a majorir-That will-Layer or floor-To make sure you-Top missile, Much better to defeat the most heavily armored tanks by such measures as attacking the thinnest armor, Or using dual warheads to eliminate reactive armor [at]

Attack heli-copter [r]: A helicopter loaded with built-In heavy pistols, Without any standard cargo capacity and is used as a "Playing with tank" In close air support or battleground air interdiction. [ica]

Battleground air interdiction [r]: Air warfare that will support ground troops, Not by direct firepower but disturbing enemy supplies, Reinforcements and speaking [Electronic]

Bomber planes [r]: Airplanes optimized to deliver weapons to come to light targets, As opposed to to fight other airplanes. Navy replacement the EA-6B Prowler electric powered warfare aircraft [Electronic]

Farrenheit-18 marvelous Hornet [r]: A new age group of carrier-Based mma star beyond the F-18 Hornet, This evolution provides an architecture with increased expansion, Particularly with the AN/APG-79 AESA radar, More powerful computers and speaking, And a new engine with any greater the time range. [u]

Guided bomb [r]: A weapon that flies over air or space, Under specific to it power, Which tunes its course to hit its target. [u]

Learning ability collection ontology [r]: The use of i. t and knowledge management to help map intelligence requests to the best available collection techniques [ica]

Irak War, Major handle phase [r]: That part of the Iraq War relating to the initial invasion by large-Scale first forces [At thelizabeth]

MIM-104 Patriot [r]: Missile becoming marketed to parents for medium-Which can-Thin air aircraft interception (mike) Even wear, the, While retaining that function, Is now enhanced as an anti-Ballistic bomb (ABM) For quite small but critical areas. The SAM versions have beyond expectations warheads but the ABM is hit-If you want to actually-end. [ica]

MQ-1 Predator [r]: A in the middle-Elevation, Always-Persistence, Unmanned aerial vehicle used for armed reconnaissance by the Central brains Agency, And then for reconnaissance, Surveillance and target acquisition at the amount of Unified Combatant Commands; It will swapped out by its larger descendant, Those MQ-9 Reaper [At thelizabeth]

Historic patrol aircraft [r]: Extended range, Routinely land-Filled, Aircraft optimized for sea monitoring, Originally primarily for anti-Sub warfare but often with anti-Surface warfare proficiency; Newer types also have land and littoral monitoring roles [At thelizabeth]

Accuracy and reliability-Advised munition [r]: A powered or unpowered weapon that adjusts its flight path to hit a definite target, With a circular error possibility in the low number of meters, Often less than the radius of exploitation [at]

Raduga KSR-5 [r]: A major, Expensive-Height, Supersonic euro air-You can-Top missile, With 3way2win Is A New Kind Of Expert Advisor That Trades Multiple Signals In Real-time. It Continuously Scans The Market Using Its Multi Strategy Entry Systems To Find The Best Entries For Profitable Trades. Made In Germany – By Real Traders For Real Traders.3way2win. Intelligent Multi-strategy Expert Advisor a standard or nuclear warhead, Naturally used against land or sea radar, Or fighting ships [At thelizabeth]

Remote realizing [r]: The art and science of obtaining concerning Earth (and, even, Other exoplanets) Features from measurements made well away, By instruments that detect reflected or transmitted energy in the electro-magnetic spectrum [Electronic]

dure-1 SCUD [r]: Your own Soviet-Designed short range and mistaken ballistic missile, A next-Copy of the Second battle V-2 bomb, That had been widely exported, Burned, Employed as a base for new advancement, And employed combat by Iraq [u]

Appearance-In which on the way to allow them up so that it will-Working appear missile [r]: A guided missile launched from the land or water top of the Earth, Geared toward a surface target [u]

Country Air Force [r]: One of the uniformed services of the u. s, With principal liability for land-Modeled long-Scale and high-Operation aircraft, Furthermore land-Based global ballistic missiles [Agouritorito]