Sunday, February 17, 2013

Judge rules on the internet bully video

An Italian judge said he convicted three Google bosses of violating the privacy of an autistic teenager because the online world giant tried to profit from an online video of him being bullied.

Milan judge Oscar Magi said in his ruling he believed Google executives bore obligations because the company intended to make a profit by selling social media marketing companies6 on the site where the footage was posted.

"In straight forward words, It is not the writing on the wall that creates a crime for the owner of the wall, But its business exploitation can, Judge Magi wrote inside of the 111-Page piece of content, Obtained by the interrelated Press.

The three employees received six-Month suspended sentences in a criminal verdict that drew If You Want To Clear Your Lungs Of Tar And Toxins From Years Of Smoking Then This Is The Program You Need. It Is Also An Extremely Effective Way To Stop Smoking As It Quickly Gets Rid Of Cravings. The Worlds Best Lung Detox Program swift disapproval from defenders of internet freedom.

Google said it was studying it, "But as we said when the verdict was declared, This conviction attacks the very principles of freedom on which internet marketing is built, It added an extra.

"If these lessons are swept aside, Then the web as we know it will disappear and many of the economic, Social, Political and manufacturing benefits it brings could disappear. These are needed points of principle, Which explains why we and our employees will vigorously appeal this decision,

Judge Magi said his decision should be interpreted as a requirement that internet carrier's networks must screen the enormous amount of video that passed through their sites.

"But at the same time, There also is no such thing as the endless prairie of the internet where it is all totally allowed and nothing can be banned, He gave them.

The experiment, He was quoted saying, Needs to read as an "Excellent signal" That a danger zone is being reached for criminal duty for web masters.

"It is obvious that the overwhelming speed of technical progress will allow, Surface, Ever more stringent controls on uploaded data for website managers, He explained