Monday, February 18, 2013

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Katherine worked as a chef as a Layout Artist, Illustrator, Designer and/or Art Director for numerous art studios The Vegetarian Weight Loss Guide Is The World’s Best Approach To Permanently Losing Weight Through The Use Of The 5 Cornerstones Of Vegetarian Weight Loss And Over 126 Specially Formulated Weight Loss Recipes. The Vegetarian Weight Loss Guide and social media marketing companies6 agencies in ontario, mn; Chi town, The state of il; Wichita, Kansas; Philadelphia, California area; Wilmington, Delaware; Seattle along with Bellevue, Washingto; S. f, Callifornia since Portlas well as the, or. She was also user of her own art businesses, Skyline Studio in new york and A Carte social media marketing companies6/Art in Bellevue, California.

Upon settlement, She and her husband moved to a rural area in high altitude of Pennsylvania, Where she turned her talents particularly to Fine Arts. Since her husband was in illness and they lived several miles from a hospital, They returned to Oregon in 1993 and she is nowadays living in Hillsboro, or.

Now that 1987, Katherine has received these things awards in juried shows: Better of Show (21) Worth Award (12) 1st stick (40) Ethical Mention (20) 2nd room (29) Award of virtue (18) 3rd placed (14) Award of good results (2)

In 1992 she was awarded Signature pub in Miniature Artists of America. Katherine has a painting in the Signature Members visiting Exhibit. She had two works in the 1st World Federation Exhibit held at the Westminister Gallery in London, England with the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Miniature Society and had two paintings accepted for the 2nd World Exhibition held in September, 2000, With Hobart Tasmania. Chemical. She is also a personal unsecured Member of the Miniature Artists of Florida and Cider Painters of America.

Katherine is a Member of the nation's Colored Pencil Society, Painters present, Local colorations.

Currently her paintings may be seen at Portland Art Museum Rental Gallery and at Sequoia Gallery and Studios in Hillsboro, Oregon and in private choices in the USA and Canada. Her biography has been included in Who Who in America Editions in the past 10 years. She in addition has, At a mixture of times, Had her biography included in Who Who in any hemisphere, Who Who in American Women and Who Who under western culture