Monday, February 18, 2013

KFC down under pulls ad after US anger

All of often the very ad, Having a white Australian cricket fan offering fried chicken to West Indies supporters, Has been pulled from the air australia wide.

"KFC Australia is removing the television advertisement that was being run with the Australian cricket season, The chicken take out giant announced today.

The ad was listed by the US media, Because New York Daily News and Baltimore Sun, And drew very debate, With some Americans accusing aussies of being racist because it perpetuates a stereotype that African Americans eat a lot of fried chicken.

The ad is one in a series where a cricket lover quietens people around him by giving them KFC to eat so he can savor the game.

The New York Daily News staged a poll A Must Read For All Supplement Users, This Is The Supplement Bible Of The Modern Day, Author Has Massive Credibility. Upon Purchase You Get A Free 75 Min Audio Valued At Free. For More Info Go To The Truth About Supplements on its website asking if the ad was bothersome.

The vote was quite split, With 51 per selecting "Never any, It's just not offensive and fun" While 42 per cent very limited "Without a doubt, It works on stereotypes,

Six % voted "I don't know,

Readers inundated the classified websites with emotional posts.

"This was coldly racist, One reader mentioned on the NY Daily News website.

An additional wrote: "Really, From the same people who almost singlehandedly wiped out the whole race of aborogines (sic). You companies are the worst. I've had friends who visited projects and they told me how it is over there,

Aussies, Upset at the American resolution, Bombarded US news websites and blogs to defend the ad and attempt to clarify Australian humour.

"Oh hi, An foreign wrote on the Baltimore Sun site.

"Another shining example of how some Americans can be absolutely clueless about anything further away than the tip that belongs to them nose,

Yesteryear, KFC Australia acknowledged that the ad could be regarded as racist. It said the ad happened to be "Misinterpreted by a segment individuals who in the US" In an announcement.

"Group of light-Hearted mention of the West Indian cricket team, KFC stated.

"The ad was modelled online in the US without KFC's permission, Where i'm told a culturally-Based label exists, Leading to an unacceptable assertion of racism.

"We unequivocally condemn splendour of any type and have a proud history as one of the world's leading employers for diversity,

The furore began in the US after the ad was posted online, Attracting thousands of comments and sparking members of people to post their own video responses.

Qantas101 placed at 8:48 PM thinking about receiving 07, 2010

New zealand is looking more appealing every day. I'm now beginning to become ashamed of my own country the political correctness gone mad. 5th and 6th gen aussies twisting over taking it up the. For silly, Whinging folks who suffer from no sense of reality or sense of humour. Real aussies are a dying breed we are being replaced by sooky, Immigrants who have no idea what being a real aussie is around. What a earth. You wrote a joke, Its about time average folks who have been saying "She'll be befitting far too long, Stood up and said most of us have had enough" If not like our country. Get away