Monday, February 18, 2013

Just the amount of money did YouTube make from streaming Gangnam Style

It's the South Korean viral pop sensation that has taken life by storm.

With the catchy pop beats, Silly rapping sometimes more hilarious dancing, Gangnam Style was already one of YouTube's videos of the year, Attracting a phenomenal 595million views in several weeks.

Now one internet expert has approximately that Google-Owned telecasting-Sharing site has made a $51,925 exploit merely hosting the video and creaming off social media marketing companies6 revenue.

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Virus-like: The YouTube video for South Korean pop hit Gangnam Style has been viewed beyond what 595million times

Web electrical bring about Amar Pradhu, Who is not attached to the Silicon Valley-Based shop giant, Made the educated guess on Quora, today-And / or-Answer on-line store.

He guesses that Google's costs are the same charges for use of Amazon's Cloudfront service, And makes his guess using Amazon's own profit margin for that business.

Considering YouTube's various resolutions and supported devices and browsers, There is certainly at least 80 different files must be encoded, Stored and streamed to 4 minute 15 second Gangnam Style promo, He states.

The amount of space required ranges from 90MB/min for hi-d videos to less than 1MB/min for the lowest resolution. Based on this the exact amount of space required for holding all 80 different versions of the video at standard compression ratios is about 2.8GB.

tough: This table shows kinds formats and codecs in which YouTube stores its videos

Spreading this storage with a triple redundancy across no greater than 30 locations must then cost YouTube only about $2.20 - at it is estimated that cost of $0.025 in every GB.

Next Mr Pradhu works out the fee for streaming the encoded files, Which at the time he made his car finance car loans measurements had been viewed around 530million times. Based on broadband and 3G network transmission rates, Mr Pradhu guesses that 63 per cent of users watch the videos in hi-res while the rest watch in lesser formats.

In that, He comes up with estimates of 24PB total bandwidth consumed to stream in full resolution and 2.19PB total bandwidth for low option screening. At a price of $10,485 per petabyte to creek, That means the has spend a total of $251,658.24 for streaming in hq and a further $22,963.81 for low file size.

But this isn't the end of Google's costs. The total that its YouTube business has spent hosting the static pages on which their videos A Must Read For All Supplement Users, This Is The Supplement Bible Of The Modern Day, Author Has Massive Credibility. Upon Purchase You Get A Free 75 Min Audio Valued At Free. For More Info Go To The Truth About Supplements take root also has to be taken account. Mr Pradhu says that a standard YouTube page weighs about about 580kb, Plus another 900kb for pictures and other static resources.

A lot of other variables like user login management and selections involve back end services, And this costs more to serve up than purely streaming videos, So Mr Pradhu estimates that the cost to YouTube involved $0.03 for GB.

With a total size of the pages handed out for Gangnam Style adding up to 724,609.37GB, He calculates the cost of the supply of these pages at $21,738.28.

Start using: This map shows the world wide distribution of high speed online connections, Estimates Mr Pradhu used to calculate the coast of exploding Gangnam Style

Mr Pradhu's revenue estimate for the song is based on the YouTube revenue sharing model for contributing factors. He bids earnings average $0.46 per thousand views which actually, If YouTube takes 100 percent, Means it will have raked in $348,285.

Mr Pradhu admits that his answer roughly estimates a large number of variables, And he says he doubts that even Google itself could not give a definative answer of the profit garnered from just one video.

'The type and energy costs of the system are closely guarded trade secrets of Google as that is how they gain a competitive advantage,' Mr Pradhu publishes articles.

'The networking gear purchase/sourcing/operation wars regarding Google, Facebook or myspace, And Amazon are stories of delight and are shaping the energy needs of firms, And almost about these are public knowledge, Indicates we cannot determine an accurate number unless someone from Google does a lot of digging and makes the info public.or