Monday, February 18, 2013

Kath and Kim spark the movies hunt for Aussie talent

Following NBC's green light for a united states version of Kath Kim and the success the network has had with a united states format of British comedian Ricky Gervais's The Office, Rival US TV networks are scanning Australia come across potential sitcoms and dramas to turn into American shows.

It could be a golden time for Australian TV cultivation companies hoping to sell shows to cashed up US networks.

The network has had huge success with computer super-hero comedies The Simpsons, King of the Hill and u. s Dad, And Murdoch's executives are preparing to turn Sit Down, Shut Up into an computer super-hero series.

Home entertainment system. a golden time for Australian actors on US TV.

Hollywood's TV pilot season is under way and at least nine Australian actors are set to star in new US TV series.

Toni Collette is teaming up with Steven Spielberg in what is being heralded as the actual new comedy series of 2008, The u. s of Tara, And fellow Aussie Wall Street Banker Turned Real Estate Investor Exposes The Secrets Of Wholesaling Houses! Attract Massive Amounts Of Motivated Sellers, Serious Cash Buyers And Make Money On Leads You Never Close A Deal With!! Exclusive Partnership Bonus Included Exposing The True Secrets Of Real Estate Investing! Simon Baker has been cast as charge in the TV drama The Mentalist.

What has Hollywood talent managers and agents buzzing about the hawaiian invasion of actors is the unusual number of "Unknowns" Who managed to be cast in new series without a considerable Australian acting resume.

Numerous actors are graduates of TV soaps Home and Away, Others who live nearby, All new orleans team, Sea Patrol and blue colored Heelers.

Sea Patrol's David Lyons is the best, Bypassing the pilots and following in the actions of George Clooney.

Lyons has landed a role as a cantankerous doctor on lengthy-Biking medical drama ER.

"It reflects the growing trend where Aussie actors no longer wait until they've established a name on a self-employed basis in Australia before coming out here for pilot season, But rather they are confident enough allow it a bash in the infancy of their careers, Perth-Produced Rob Marsala, A manager at Hollywood talent agency 1 executive, Exclaimed.

NBC is banking on Kath Kim to be a success, With US actresses Molly Shannon and Selma Blair in the roles made famous nationwide by Jane Turner and Gina Riley.

Kath Kim may possibly be the centrepiece of NBC's Tuesday night lineup when it debuts in America's autumn.

One Australian show that will be aired in the US this year without tampered with is Summer Heights High.

The demonstrate to, By chelsea Lilley, Will air on our country's premium cable TV channel HBO in its original form mid-year.

Some pilots never reach air, But Collette's us of Tara appears to be a sure bet with Spielberg creating and producing the series and Diablo Cody, The winner of this year's original movie script Oscar for the comedy Juno, You can make the script.

Spielberg has also signed aussie director Craig Gillespie (Lars and actual Girl) To direct the initial.

Former All Saints actress Samantha Noble has landed a role on one of 2008's most hoped for new shows, The terror-Excitement series Harper's Island.

Home and Away graduate Chris Egan is also the primary big winners of the TV pilot casting sessions, Choosing a plum role on the political drama Kings opposite British actor Ian McShane.

Fox and Lost creator JJ Abrams have cast two aussies, Young Lions' Anna Torv and an additional Home and Away alumni, John respectable, To star in the massive budget two-Hour pilot for sci-Fi TV string Fringe.

Fox has poured a testified to $US10 million ($10.8 million) Included with the pilot.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon has also partnered with Fox on another new sci-Fi tutorials, Doll-house, With former Neighbours actress Dichen Lachman playing a ravishing drone.

It is not just Kath Kim and Sit Down, Shut Up that is being renamed for the US market.

There are at least two other successful British shows being converted into American series this year and Aussies have been cast in both.

Josh Lawson, A definite 26-year-Old Queenslander and expert of Sea Patrol, Mansion and Away, Blue Heelers and neighbors, Will star in an additional Fox pilot, Spread, In line with the British sitcom of the same name.

Hong Kong-Put together, Quarterly report-Grown Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen, Whose resume provides roles on Headland, French fries and Home and Away, Is on the US remake of the spanish series Life on Mars