Friday, February 22, 2013


Expansion of The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art fuses architecture with landscape to create an experiential architecture that unfolds for visitors as it is perceived through everyone's movement through space and time. Prominent by five glass lenses, Traversing from the current building through the Sculpture Park to form new spaces and angles of vision. Visitors undertake the new addition, They get each year a flow between light, Talent, Construction and landscape, With views from one level to the next, From the inside to outside. In contrast to an addition of a mass, The new elements exist in supporting contrast with the original 1933 classical "Forehead to Art,

- principal Building New (In secondary Contrast) - Opaque translucent - Heavy small - Hermetic Meshing - Inward views Views to garden - Bounded Unbounded - Directed blood flow Open motion - Single Mass translucent lenses lenses' multiple layers of translucent glass gather, Dissipate and refract light, Sometimes materializing light like blocks of ice. Throughout the day the lenses inject varying qualities of light into the galleries, While at night the sculpture garden glows in relation to their internal light. The actual "Winding path" Threaded between the lenses in the Sculpture Park has its sinuous complement in the open flow using the continuous level of galleries below. In the centre of the addition's lenses is a structural concept merged with a light and air distributor concept: "Respiring T's" Transport light down into the galleries along their curved undersides while carrying the glass in suspension and providing a area for HVAC ducts. I would say some sort of double-Glass space of the lenses gather sun-Hot air in winter or exhaust it in summer. Optimum light levels for all types of art or media installations and seasonal flexibility requirements are ensured by using computer-Controlled screens and of special clear insulating material embedded in the glass cavities. A continuing service level basement below the galleries offers art delivery, Storage and treatment spaces, And consequently flexible access to the "Respiring-Ts, Ingenious integration of art and engineering included a collaborative effort with artist Walter De Maria, One of the great minimalist artists in our time. De Maria's bronze sculpture, One sun-generated /34 Moons, Is the centrepiece of the expansive granite-Paved entrance plaza with a reflecting pool that forms a new entry space shaped by Guitar Video Lessons Supersite Was Engineered To Convert Better Than Any Other. Try 25 Hops And See Results. Big Bonuses Available To 100 Sales Or More. Make 500% More With The Ultimate In Guitar Lessons the earlier building and the new Lobby "page, The actual "moons" Of the art work are circular skylight discs in the foot of the pool that project water-Refracted light throughout the garage below. Conceived as a motor Arrival Hall, The garage is nicely proportioned, Directly coupled to the new museum lobby on both levels, And spanned with continuous undulating vaults by a cutting-edge pre-Cast cement 'wave-T'